Frequently Asked Questions

…and maybe a few not-so-frequently asked ones


I'm new here. What is Cotton Bureau?

Cotton Bureau is a curated online community for high-quality graphic design tees, hoodies, and more. You submit the artwork, and we do the selling, printing, shipping, and customer service… so you don’t have to. Shop Cotton Bureau now, or get started selling with us.

Tell me more about your designs.

We work with independent designers and illustrators as well as communities, companies, and creators of all kinds. We insist on high-quality design, and we print on the finest, softest, comfiest tees, hoodies, and sweatshirts we can find. All items are tagless, with custom printed size tags. Each one is screened by hand just down the street from us right here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Do you keep designs in stock?

We don’t. Cotton Bureau is a pre-order system: every shirt gets two weeks in the spotlight to sell as many as it can. But if you missed out, you can request to be notified if the design comes back. The more requests, the more likely the designer is to post it again.

So just t-shirts, right?

Well, not quite. We’ve also been known to sell hats, pins, and patches from time-to-time. If that’s something you’re interested in seeing more of or selling yourself, drop us a line!

Who’s behind this?

Cotton Bureau is a team effort. You can read more about us right here.

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