Let’s Talk Jobs

Since January 2017, Cotton Bureau has more than doubled in headcount. That’s… a lot for us to take on. We have a pretty good idea which positions we think we’re going to need in the next few months and years, however, for now, we do not have any open positions except some part-time warehouse opportunities. We don’t want to discourage you from reaching out, but we should note that you may not hear back or we may only have time to jot off a quick thank you email.

When we are ready to sound the alarm on open positions, rest assured each one will have a full job description. Be sure to follow along on Twitter, Medium, or our mailing list if you want to be the first to know.


In addition to what you may already know about us, Cotton Bureau is proud to offer the following benefits…

  • Work from home, your local coffee shop, or our award-winning office.
  • 100% employer-paid health insurance for you; 50% employer-paid coverage for your dependents. Thanks, Obama.
  • 20 PTO days to use as you see fit plus company observed holidays.
  • 12 weeks 100% paid parental leave to primary caregivers, 2-4 weeks for secondary caregivers.
  • Unlimited sick time. Stay home and get better.
  • Support for your continuing professional development, like such as books, conferences, etc.
  • Monthly all-team home-cooked meals. Bring your A game.
  • Frequent patent pending company sponsored work-life balance activities outside the office including trips to see the local ballclub (“the Pirates”), go-karting, amusement parks, and more.
  • Did we mention free shirts? Yeah. Free shirts.


If it’s sold on Cotton Bureau, it’s shipped from Cotton Bureau.

Every t-shirt, sweatshirt, and knick knack on the site gets packed on premises. Are you in or around Pittsburgh and interested in part-time work packing designer tees in a well-lit warehouse with all the amenities of a modern office? Look no further. Try one of these openings on for size…

Flexible/On Call Fulfillment Specialists

If you’re looking to pick up some extra cash and need a super flexible schedule, this is for you. You’ll fill in and help us pack and ship when we need extra help (high volume shipping times, fill in for people on vacation, etc.). We can offer you $15 an hour, train you, and be super grateful for your contributions.

Holiday Fulfillment Specialists

Note: While these positions are temporary and/or casual, there is always the potential for these jobs to transition to a more permanent role. Email jobs@cottonbureau.com to learn more.


Coming Spring & Summer 2018!

We’re looking for interns to come and learn the ropes for a few weeks or a few months. You won’t be fetching coffee (though everyone in the office gets the tutorial on the Chemex, ‘cause we all need it), you’ll be elbows deep in it with us, learning and doing in equal measure. Cotton Bureau is accepting interns in development, design, and marketing. Interns should be current students or recent-ish graduates of a college/university, a coding bootcamp, or career (re)training program. Interns receive $12/hour, and we’ll be looking for you to give us between 10 and 20 hours a week. We are happy to fill out paperwork for course credit, but it is the intern’s responsibility to clear the internship with their school and advisors.

We have room for a small handful of motivated participants, so don’t delay. Email us@cottonbureau.com!


Are you a people person? Would you say you have a love of organization, planning, and paperwork? While we‘re not actively hiring for these roles, we would love to keep you in mind when we are. Here are just a few of the jobs that need to be done every day at Cotton Bureau: customer service and support, design coordination, logistics & supply chain management, office management, human resources, fulfillment, and bookkeeping.

Email jobs@cottonbureau.com if that sounds like you.


From the website to marketing to fulfillment and everywhere in between, the Cotton Bureau product team gets a workout. If you’re a designer, developer, usability expert, writer, photographer, or just someone who knows how to get things done, you’re exactly who we’re looking for. We like to work in Sketch, HTML, CSS, VueJS, PHP/Laravel, and MySQL. While Cotton Bureau is not currently hiring for the product team, we highly value fit.

If you’re the right person, let us know. Maybe we can pry open a spot for you.

Marketing & Sales

When you have a good thing, you keep it to yourself. No wait, that’s not right. You tell people. Our Marketing & Sales teams are out there doing great work. We could use some experienced digital marketers, social mediaists, long-form writers, and camera persons, as well as account executives and sales sellers. Standard caveats apply: no currently open positions, Pittsburgh-local preferred, never hurts to chat.

Email jobs@cottonbureau.com or send us a flower bouquet, up to you..