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Trump is a Clown-- a Reality TV President who is driving a wedge between the races and sexes of this beautiful country and making enemies between Americans. We can't let him. We can't let a narcissist buffoon evade the courts, humiliate the Senate, or bully US. We won't stand by and let the Constitution be trampled by Ivanka's 'Made in China' shoes and WE WON'T SHUT UP. We will persist and we'll stand up and continue to use our creativity in protest as long as the Clown-In-Chief is in power. WE-- both the Left and the Right-- will work together to make 'America Great' by proving that we will not be governed by a self interested authoritarian. WE ARE NOT FOOLED by a clown with no fucking sense of humor.

A portion of the designer's proceeds will be donated to the ACLU.

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