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Still Kickin

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On October 31, 2011, Aaron Purmort had a seizure. Turned out, the reason for the seizin’ was a brain tumor and the brain tumor was cancer and the cancer was BAD. But he was wearing this tee shirt – something he found at a thrift store when he was young – and we took it as a sign that he’d be okay. And he was. He got through two brain surgeries and 50+ rounds of radiation and so many chemos we lost count. He lived life with a radiant joy and positivity. Thousands of these Still Kickin shirts helped raise thousands of dollars for brain cancer research, and for people going through hard times. They continue to bring Aaron’s contagious spirit – and resilience – to people around the world. What started as an idea, and then a shirt, is now a non-profit working to create small safety nets for other people who are going through some sh*t, but are still kickin. Find them at

(This design has been retired. Reasons for retirement are on a strictly need-to-know basis.)

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Give Back Friday

It’s the holidays, so we’re temporarily raising prices. Nope, we didn’t stutter, we’re raising prices. Here’s what’s happening.

It’s Give Back Friday. Today only, we’re raising prices on all pre-order tees by $3, matching that with a $3 of our own, and donating all $6/tee to to fund our favorite classroom projects.

We’re supporting projects from our hometown of Pittsburgh, and others in Hollywood, FL, Miami, FL, Minneapolis, MN, Cleveland, OH and New Cumberland, WV. Teachers are seeking support for sports equipment, laptops, books, paint, and instruments to help them drop some knowledge and level up their classrooms. Find the full details and budget for each project on our Donors Choose page.

Our previous two campaigns raised a combined $6,409. While that’s good, we want to raise ALL THE MONEY because we’ve got ALL THE TEES. So today, let’s to raise $10,000 to fully fund each and every project we’ve picked.

If you’re ready to check off your whole Holiday shopping list, this is the day. You (or your mom, or your Secret Santa, or your cat) get a sweet graphic tee, and you get to support learning, creativity, and inclusivity in the classroom.

How’s that for some warm ‘n fuzzy feelings? Now let’s make it happen. Tune in to our Twitter feed where we’ll be live tweeting our progress.

PS. Feeling generous? You can always donate without buying a tee right (here).