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Read This First

A few things to keep in mind…

We want to make Cotton Bureau an online community for high quality designs. That means we won't be accepting every submission. Some reasons your design may be rejected: it contains offensive content (nudity, foul or hateful language, drug references, etc.), irrelevant content (no ugly tees for your uncle's carpentry business), copyrighted material, or frankly, the quality may just not be up to snuff. Acceptance or rejection of a design is solely at our discretion. That may sound unfair, but hey, it's our site.

You choose how much you earn per item. We give you a baseline price, and you add your own profit margin onto that. The baseline price varies according to fabric choice, number of print locations, number of ink colors, and ink technique.

Your design will be a true, high quality screenprint. We're not a print-on-demand service using inkjets or glorified iron-on transfers like most online t-shirt services. We use real plastisol, waterbase, and discharge ink. Your Cotton Bureau design will look great and last a long time.

Artwork Guidelines

Step One: Download the Official Mockup Template PSD (or grab the kids version) and use that to create your submission.

Screenprinted designs work best when they're made from areas of flat color. If your design has gradients, shadows, or glows, it's much harder (or even impossible) to print. Avoid those if possible. Vector files are best. If vector isn't possible, 600dpi raster images (at actual size or bigger) also works. Make sure all your colors are easily separable... on separate layers, or in separate groups.

We're allowing printing in two locations: choose from front, back, and sleeve prints. Keep your main print location (front) to four (4) colors or fewer. Keep your secondary print location (back or sleeve) to two colors or fewer. Yes, black and white count as colors. What's actual size? Glad you asked. You have a printable area of 11" wide by 14" tall to work with for the t-shirt front or back. If you want to print on the sleeve, keep it 3" by 3" or smaller.

If you have something non-standard in mind—metallic ink or foil prints, glow-in-the-dark, split fountain gradients, etc.—let us know. We’ll see what we can do.

Got it? Good. Let's make something together.