People saying nice things about Cotton Bureau, Vol. 37

“I have always wanted to do t-shirts, but as a busy one-woman studio I don’t have the time or resources to handle it. Cotton Bureau takes all the hassle out of the process and they print high-quality shirts.”
Martha Rich, Artist
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Happy 2nd Chance Saturday everybody, where we give awesome-but-underloved tees from our archives a second shot at stardom. This week's tee is "Support Local" by Texas designer M. Brady Clark. When MBC launched this shirt with us back in summer 2014, we thought it was sure to be a hit. Tacos? Brush script? Futura Bold? What's not to love? But it only sold 23 tees, and never made a return run. Let's fix that. Support your local "Support Your Local Taqueria" shirt.

"Support Local" is available in tri-blend vintage black, tri-blend vintage red, and poly-cotton kelly green tees until Saturday, October 8 at 8pm EDT.

Noodles, on a comfortable t-shirt, for a good cause. “Al Dente” is clearly worth every penne (we know it's tough but please don't hold that poor pun against the British Red Cross).

Available on 100% cotton natural, heavy metal, and tri-blend heather white until Friday, October 7 at 8pm EDT.

Wanna try something fun? You'll feel incredible. Don't be a wimp, all the cool kids are wearing it.

“D-Dope” by UK designer Rob Halford. Availbale in 100% cotton white, black, and tri-blend heather white. Also as a tri-blue tank top until Wednesday, October 4 at 8pm EDT.

The Jerry Can Collective is a group of philanthropically-minded creative companies banding together to raise money for charity: water. Founded in 2015 by Authentic Jobs, so far the collective has raised almost $24,000 for clean water. We donated a small amount of money last year, and this year we want to do even more. For every Cotton Bureau shirt on we sell on Tuesday, September 20, we'll donate $5 to the collective. Also, this shirt design will be available for 2 weeks, and all profits from its sale—about $20 per shirt—will go to the collective.

Available in tri-blend vintage navy and 100% cotton midnight navy tees until Tuesday, October 4 at 8pm EDT.

Every so often, a truly great design on Cotton Bureau doesn’t get the attention (and sales) it deserves. Maybe it just didn’t find the right audience. Maybe the designer doesn’t have a huge following. Maybe it didn’t come in the right colors. Whatever the reason, it barely went to print—or didn’t go to print at all—and we think that’s a shame. So we’re introducing 2nd Chance Saturday as a way to right those wrongs and shine the spotlight on the underlined shirts we’ve loved along the way.

Our first 2nd Chance Saturday shirt is “Ride Like Lightning, Crash Like Thunder” from our good friend, the mighty Jen Mussari. We love this shirt. We wear it all the time. We begged Jen to post it to Cotton Bureau back in early 2015. But it only sold 18 the first time around. Why…18?! How?! This shirt is amazing. Look, maybe we don’t have enough badass bikers—or people aspiring to be badass bikers—in the Cotton Bureau family, but this tee is a good place to start becoming one, and it’s a whole lot cheaper than a new bike (or hospital bills).

“Ride Like Lightning, Crash Like Thunder” is available for pre-order on two tees and two sweatshirts—poly-cotton heather red and tri-blend grey tees, tri-blend red and grey pullover crewneck sweatshirts—until Saturday, October 1 at 8pm EDT. Do not miss it.

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