People saying nice things about Cotton Bureau, Vol. 14

“Whether you’re an individual, a small business, or even a major brand, with Cotton Bureau, there’s no longer any excuse to not be making shirts.”
Ryan Hamrick, Letterer
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Pack it up and hit the road in "Camper Doodles" by our pal, Johnstown, PA illustrator Virginia Poltrack.

Available for pre-order in tri-blend grey and 100% cotton light blue tees, and a tri-blend grey tank top until Thursday, July 7 at 8pm EDT.

Being from Pittsburgh, we poke a lot of fun at our rival city Cleveland, OH—we've won 12 sports championships since their last one, and hey, their river caught on fire once—but we're legit happy for them and their champion Cavaliers (it helps that we don't have a basketball team). Celebrate "Cleveland: The Land of Broken Curses" with designer Josh Cooper.

Available for pre-order in tri-blend black and navy tees and a tri-blend black tank top until Thursday, June 30 at 8pm EDT.

We've got a thick skin, and a crystal heart. "Crystallized" by Russian designer Artem is very fragile, so be careful.

Available for pre-order in tri-blend black, poly-cotton mint, and poly-cotton dark heather grey tees until Friday, July 1 at 8pm EDT.

EARTH HAS 4 DAYS SIMULTANEOUSLY EACH ROTATION. YOU ERRONEOUSLY MEASURE TIME FROM 1 CORoh wait...we're thinking of Time Cube. This is "Earth Cube" by Wade Meredith. Nevermind.

Available for pre-order in tri-blend black, poly-cotton royal, and 100% cotton heavy metal tees until June 28 at 8pm EDT.

Three years ago, we launched a little project out into the world called Cotton Bureau. An offshoot of our beloved t-shirt brand (and faux union) United Pixelworkers, we had an idea (and a hope) of what it could become, but really no idea what it would become. Three years later, we're on track to sell more than 60,000 shirts in 2016. We're a full-time team of six. Every month this year has been bigger than any other month that came before. We've worked with some of our industry heroes and made dozens (hundreds?) of new friends. We're eternally grateful for everything the Cotton Bureau community has done for us.

Available for pre-order in tri-blend black and 100% cotton black tees and a tri-blend black tank top until Monday, June 13 at 8pm EDT.

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