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How It Works.

Let’s make some shirts together.

You’re a designer, web brand, agency, conference, start-up, app developer, or community. You’d love to make t-shirts and hoodies, right? Of course you would. So why haven’t you? We’ll tell you why...it’s hard. Finding a good print shop is hard. Learning about screenprinting is hard. Customer service is hard. Shipping is hard. It’s all a big pain in the butt.

What if you could post your design for sale in a high-quality, design-focused online shop and have someone else take care of all the dirty work for you? No buying hundreds of shirts and hoodies upfront. No inventory. No shipping. No customer service. No risk. Sounds great, right? That's where we come in.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit your design. We’ll take a look at it and decide if it’s right for us.
  2. If we accept your design, we work together with you to choose a fabric, colors, inks, and a price.
  3. Your design goes live on Cotton Bureau for a two-week pre-order period. You spread the word like crazy to your friends, family, and followers.
  4. Your goal is to sell 12 items during those two weeks. If you hit 12 or more, we send your design to press. If you don’t hit 12...well, better luck next time.
  5. As long as your design sells at least 25, you get paid! Over 12 and we still print your design, but we keep all sale proceeds to cover our costs.
  6. Your design is printed right down the street from us here in Pittsburgh by our friends at Clockwise.
  7. Once your design is printed, we pack them up ourselves and ship them all over the planet.
  8. If there are any customer service issues—lost packages, returns, refunds, exchanges, wrong size, wrong address, etc.—we deal with them ourselves.
  9. We almost forgot the best part: we send you a payment for all the items you sold!

Sound good? Yeah, we thought so.

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