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About Us

The people behind the t-shirts.

Cotton Bureau is not a labor of love. It’s a business. It also just so happens to be the best place to buy and sell t-shirts on the Internet. Why? Because we’re not a mega-corp or a VC-funded rocketship looking to exit. We’re just a tiny little business trying to do what’s right. We make money when we sell t-shirts. Designers make money when they sell t-shirts. Customers, well, customers just get ridiculously nice shirts. It’s a simple model. We think it just might work. If you love outstanding t-shirts: welcome. You’ve come to the right place.

A Little History

Cotton Bureau is the mutant child of our previous t-shirt store / web design community United Pixelworkers and the grandchild of the dearly departed web design studio Full Stop Interactive. Through extensive trial and error we found the best way to use our, ahem, prodigious talents and epic capacity for internal debate. We’ve taken years of experience building websites and selling t-shirts to bring you the best t-shirt sales platform on the Internet. Don’t believe anyone who tells you different. If you want to learn more about us, you could do a lot worse than reading our blog. In fact, we highly recommend it.

Meet the Team

You know how lots of companies are big and faceless and, if you’ll pardon a pun, bureaucratic? Well, that ain’t us. We’re small and we care and we’re here to help you find your new favorite t-shirt.

Jay, Nate, Matt, and Sara

It’s time to say hello to the team.

  • First up, wearing the Pirates ballcap and too-cool-for-school demeanor, meet Jay Fanelli. Jay’s in charge of colors, shapes, and letters. Oh, and if you want to get your shirt onto Cotton Bureau, Jay’s the one you need to convince.
  • Second from the left sporting khakis and smouldering intensity is Nathan Peretic. Nate’s in charge of front-end code, operations, ancient history, rhetoric, and hockey news.
  • Styling the Pixel Heart tee and classic green Onitsuka Tigers, Matthew Chambers is the final and most important member of the website team. He’s the only one we trust to touch the database, and he goes by many names: Chamby, The Beef, or when he’s feeling fancy, Le Boeuf.
  • Last (for now), the charming Sara Gardinier, Cotton Bureau’s Chief Fulfillment Officer and Customer Service Czar. If you got a problem, yo, Sara’ll solve it.

Not pictured: design coordinator Caitlin Wixted , writer / bag stuffer Joel Peretic, and designer Kyle Ruane. Caitlin enjoys bowling, soccer, and making your designer t-shirt dreams come true. Joel would just as soon look at you as kill you. Kyle’s real tall and currently enjoys the highest NERF™ basketball shooting percentage in the office.

Previously on Cotton Bureau: super submissions specialist Laura Hersh, renaissance man Sam Fine, front-end dev Johannes Ma, and priceless jewel Melissa Frost.

Wanna join the crew? Let’s talk. Email jobs@cottonbureau.com.

Meet the Press

We’ve been fortunate enough to see our name in print (or pixels) a handful of times. If you’d like to read (or watch or hear) more about us, we personally recommend the following:

Interested in writing about or interview us? Email us@cottonbureau.com to get in touch.

That’s It and That’s All

We trust you’re now thoroughly bewitched by our charm and are ready to do some shopping. Go forth and buy amazing tees!

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