FAQ: Shipping & Delivery

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When will I get my order?

Pre-order items almost always ship within 2–3 weeks of the campaign ending, on-demand items ship within 1-2 weeks of your order, and in-stock items ship in 2–3 days. If you ordered multiple items, we'll ship them when all the items are ready. Our goal is to always get you what you ordered as quickly as possible, but sometimes things go wrong because, under most circumstances, what you're buying from us…well, it doesn't exist yet. Production can be delayed by missing inventory from our wholesale suppliers, other successful campaigns that may be in production around the same time, or simple human error and limitations. If your order is going to be late for any reason, we'll do our best to let you know. If it's going to be really late, we'll make it up to you somehow, we promise.

Oh no, I messed up my shipping address and/or size! Can I change it?

Maybe… it depends how quickly you notice. If this happens to you, just email us as soon as you can and we’ll try to take care of it. However, we reserve the right to publicly shame you. If your order has already been shipped, take heart. We'll still try to make it right. We know how frustrating it can be to pay for something you never get.

Can I mark a package as a gift?

Yes! When you mark a package as a gift, we hide the price on the packing slip and the package is marked as a gift for international shipping. We also provide you with a handy note area for sending a special message to the recipient. (N.B. If you need to provide instructions for packing or shipping, please email support@cottonbureau.com instead.)

Hypothetically speaking, I don't live in the U.S. Am I going to get walloped with some kind of crazy import tax?

Probably. Consult your nearest postal authority. Here’s what we know:

Australia: Nothing to pay for import goods valued at up to AUD1,000 (~USD850). (Thanks, Clem.)

Turkey: a friend told us there is a limit of €75 per shipment for customs. If the value of shipment exceeds that, you pay +20% of the total sum. (Thanks, Zeki.)

Brazil: Anything over $50 (including delivery) gets hit with a tariff and customs which can double the cost. Do yourself a favor, order only one shirt at a time. You'll spend more on shipping but avoid the painful customs.

Canada: $9.95 CAD handling fee for USPS shipments + 5% import tax based on package value in CAD.

Czech Republic: 21% tax is added + interior shipping costs or payment for tax service if you want to pick your package in person. (Thanks, Danylo!).

Denmark: Any package from outside the European Union that costs less than 80 DKK for the items themselves will have no duties or taxes. Any package equal to or above 80 DKK, customs will add a fee of 128 DKK plus a sales tax of 25% on the entire amount. (Thanks, Jesper.)

Finland: As in Germany (and probably elsewhere in EU), anything under €22 (price + shipping) is free of customs duties and import taxes, packages between €22-150 you’ll pay sales tax (24%) on price + shipping, and over €150 you’ll pay sales tax and customs. (Thanks, Oiva.)

Germany: Anything under €22 (price + shipping) is free of customs duties and import taxes, packages between €22-150 you’ll pay sales tax on price + shipping (19% as of August 2014), and over €150 you’ll pay sales tax and customs. (Thanks, Thorben.)

Israel: Under $75, the purchase will be completely tax free (woohoo!); $76-500, a sales tax of 17% will be added; and for a $501-1,000 purchase, sales tax + customs is added - a whopping 32.2%. (Thanks, Ornat!)

Italy: Anything under €22 (price + shipping) is free of customs duties and import taxes, packages between €22-150 you’ll pay sales tax on price + shipping (22% as of November 2015), and over €150 you’ll pay sales tax and customs. (Thanks, @WebDesignerShop.)

The Netherlands: A friend told us that anything over €22 (price & shipping) gets hit with sales tax (typically around 20% of the price including shipping). Anything over €150 will need to pay both sales taxes and customs. PostNL charges an additionl €13 handling fee.

New Zealand: Men’s and women’s t-shirts are subject to 10% duty (baby stuff is exempt). GST of 15% applies to the total of purchase price, duty, and shipping charges. Good news, though - if the total duty plus GST due is less than NZD 60, you don't owe anything! However, if the amount due is over NZD 60, you’re on the hook for duty and GST *plus* the combined Import Entry Transaction Fee and MPI levy of NZD 49.24. (The IETF and MPI levy include GST, thank goodness.) New Zealand Customs were nice enough to provide a handy online calculator. (Thanks, Nick!)

Norway: Anything under NOK 350 (price + shipping) is free of customs duties and import taxes, if above that you pay 25% sales tax on the total sum. Customs tax depends on the kind of goods ordered, i.e. clothes are 10,7% which are added before the sales tax. (Thanks, Jacob.)

Portugal: VAT charge is 23% of the purchase total + post office handling charge.

Romania: If declared value of package is over €10, but under €150, you pay the VAT of 20%. If declared value of package is over €150, you pay the VAT of 20% and an import tax imposed by them, it depends on weight, etc. VAT drops to 19% on January 1st, 2017. (Thanks, Radu and Razvan!)

Sweden: 12% customs tax (of the total value of the order). 25% sales tax of the customs tax value. (Thanks, Martin.)

UK: If your goods (excluding shipping cost) exceed £15, you'll pay an additional 20% VAT on the entire cost of your order (including shipping), plus an £8 "handling fee" to Royal Mail. If your goods (excluding shipping cost) exceed £135, you'll also have to pay an additional 12% "customs duty" on the entire cost of your order (including shipping). You can read about Import VAT and Customs Duty here, and Royal Mail's handling fee here.

If you know how these things work, email us and we'll add more information here.

I got a tracking number for my international order. Am I crazy, or is it not actually doing anything?

You’re not crazy. Depending on the prefix to your tracking number, you may receive some information. If your tracking number starts with “LJ”, “CJ”, “CB”, you may be notified when your package arrives in country. If your tracking number starts with “LZ”, you may get some tracking information until it leaves the U.S. If your tracking number starts with “UC”, you get… nothing. Email us if you have any questions.

Give Back Friday

It’s the holidays, so we’re temporarily raising prices. Nope, we didn’t stutter, we’re raising prices. Here’s what’s happening.

It’s Give Back Friday. Today only, we’re raising prices on all pre-order tees by $3, matching that with a $3 of our own, and donating all $6/tee to DonorsChoose.org to fund our favorite classroom projects.

We’re supporting projects from our hometown of Pittsburgh, and others in Hollywood, FL, Miami, FL, Minneapolis, MN, Cleveland, OH and New Cumberland, WV. Teachers are seeking support for sports equipment, laptops, books, paint, and instruments to help them drop some knowledge and level up their classrooms. Find the full details and budget for each project on our Donors Choose page.

Our previous two campaigns raised a combined $6,409. While that’s good, we want to raise ALL THE MONEY because we’ve got ALL THE TEES. So today, let’s to raise $10,000 to fully fund each and every project we’ve picked.

If you’re ready to check off your whole Holiday shopping list, this is the day. You (or your mom, or your Secret Santa, or your cat) get a sweet graphic tee, and you get to support learning, creativity, and inclusivity in the classroom.

How’s that for some warm ‘n fuzzy feelings? Now let’s make it happen. Tune in to our Twitter feed where we’ll be live tweeting our progress.

PS. Feeling generous? You can always donate without buying a tee right (here).