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Sorry Charlie!

Sorry Charlie! It's the tragic story of an earless -- but evil cat, Charlie.

Charlie is NOT a sweet affectionate cat with a heart of gold. She is curmudgeonly and temperamental; standoffish at best and vicious at worst. She is a con artist that will feign benevolence for a moment of attention, only to bite you moments later because you have displeased her in some way.

So, why the shirt? Well, Charlie has developed a condition that has nearly cost her an ear. It has made her mope around the house as if on her last leg, and we can't help but feel sorry for her. This new fragility has made us realize that, despite her anti-social ways, her pain is real and her suffering is no different than that of a feline with a much sunnier disposition. So, in that spirit, we offer a tepidly sincere, "Sorry Charlie!"

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